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National Goal 1.
Students to become successful digital citizens
Cluster goals
Success Indicators for National and Cluster Goals
· Teachers and students use appropriate digital technology to achieve successful learning outcomes
· Students are able to demonstrate and share their understandings in a digital environment
· Development of Digital Citizenship
Programmes to ensure that students are informed and responsible users of technology and the internet.
· Each school has evidence of students using a range of digital tools to achieve successful learning outcomes.
· Students are demonstrating and sharing their learning in a digital environment and collaborating with others online, as appropriate, to expand their learning opportunities.
  • Each school has explored their understanding of Digital Citizenship and implemented programmes that have enabled students to develop necessary skills, values and processes.
· School action plans are tailored to meet individual school requirements and their implementation is growing ‘digitally aware’ teachers and students.

Nat Goal 1 Examples of student use includes:
Lots of ideas for 2012 planning :) Examples of student work from across the cluster (June - November 2011)
Making All Black Scarecrows – Whitikahu
Magnets – Jnr Science Observations - Whitikahu
Discussion Board –Problem Solving -Kimihia
Photography –Kimihia
Olivia’s Reading Task– Huntly
Describing personal virtues of heroes - Huntly
Selecting Favourite Young Hero -Huntly
Vote for this Hero -Huntly
The Holocaust an exploration of Prejudice – Morrinsville Intermediate
Garden Research - Morrinsville Intermediate
Rowan’s Own Learning Page –Tahuna
Matt’s Own Learning Page - Tahuna
Be Fire wise–Orini
Junior Science Inquiry Sharing - St Joes
Making Game Boards – St Joes
Poems and Stories – St Joes
Publishing Recounts – St Joes
Report Writing –Tauhei
Anna’s Little Pigs Book & Alex’s Little Pig Book - Tauhei
Our Marae Visit - Tauhei

Each class has their own wiki and blog in various states of use and development. Ongoing PD is supporting this development. ,This year our online sites include they Enviro group and GATE -these are being used successfully to share information and reflect on learning. All teachers are strong at accessing websites to support specific learning needs and now we’re noticing teachers are selecting and sharing more digital technologies with colleagues and using these more interactively with students ie.. supporting students to create content, rather than just accessing sites.
Examples of this are students are using cameras, photocopies & software to create artwork, documenting learning by videoing student’s problem solving in numeracy and literacy, using IWBs to access languages sites ,accompanied with students videoing themselves and giving critical feedback to each other. This is a very effective strategy to develop deeper learning.
Junior classes have buddied up with senior students (ICT Agents) to support their individual work . This has only been running properly this term ,and so far all teachers have commented on how successful this practice appears to be with both student levels. Juniors are quickly up-skilling and benefitting from the mentoring. Seniors are offering more support than initially expected . They are wanting to create tactile resources that juniors can use independently eg. “How to “Flip cards. Next steps are to share their ideas online.

Jo & Nicole - (Kimihia May 2011)

Access is an ongoing issue for many of us. We're committed to providing a 1:2 or 1:3 ratio of access across the school. An IWB is used in the senior room and PURPOSEFUL work is occurring with these tools ! Our classroom laptops are used on a DAILY basis and are seen as an essential tool. Cameras continue to be used regualrly and are immediately available in classrooms.
WIKI Development
In term 1 the middle and junior class created a class wikispace (with ongoing senior teacher support) to begin sharing student work and communicating with parents. Students in these wikis are now putting links into learning and using these sites from home ! Parents are beginning to see the wiki as a portal into their children's classrooms. On the senior class wiki we have establlished a page for past students since students who have left in the past few years are still regularly communicating with us, via the wiki they starting using. This is a very interesting development ! :)
The school has begun to explore what CITIZENSHIP means and how this relates to learning in a digital environment. Some cybersafety related discussions have taken place between teachers and students. We're looking forward to doing more work in this area and developing our staff understanding thru cluster workshops and sharing. This goal will be ongoing. We have keeping ourselves safe in Term two and links/ connections will be made with safety online and everyone's role in terms of digital citizenship.

With ALL teachers in the school becoming increasingly "Wiki" aware" , the uses and purposes are becoming further embedded in sound practice and MUCH progress is happening school wide. Critical Thinking and tools to support this development eg thinkiong tools, are further enabled. The Eric frangenheim seminar was excellent for supporting this !
Rob -(Tahuna -April 2011)

As a staff we now see ICT's as tools which can be sensibly integrated into learning opportunities. As a learning community we believe our challenge is to become more discerning about which ones to use and when.
It's great to take a minute to reflect on what we're actually been doing (lots) and where we are going. In the past short while we've been using a range of digital tools: we have KNET links (Knowledge Net) to all student work eg. Paint,Video, Build Your Wild Self, websites etc and we're noticing regular camera use.
We've looked at Media Literacy with Donna, developed Forums & Polls, continued developing KNET personal pages, peer reflections and PARENT reflections.
After our shared cluster session on Cybercitizenship at MI weve done some activities exploring the concept with senior students. All of this is tied in nicely to our action plan for KNET and whole school goals. We're also doing aspects of appraisals online and emailing info to appraisers. All of this and more links to work samples can be accessed privately in the Cluster LEADERS Wiki if you'd like to view links).
(Dee & Barbara - Orini April 2011)

Exploring NEW Resources
We have excellent resources now available to students. ALL classes have an Interactive White Board and we have a 1:3 ratio of computers in school and cameras etc. We're using camers constantly as stills and video, to record learning experiences eg. recently interviewing town residents to gather opinions. We're also investigating the use of CELL PHONES. Most students have access to these and we realise they are simply another widely available access point for technology.We're aware that other schools are also exploring their classroom use : A student leaders group recently visited another intermediate using these, and are working on a report to staff and board etc outlining their proposed use in classrooms at MI.

Students and teachers collaborate on wiki and blogs, discuss ideas and respond to ideas and suggestions. Some of the latest tools explored are Timetoast and Voicethread. Checkout the HOME page of Coalface to see some of our recent students successes in online competitions eg.Terry's class in Interface.
We've also put a LOT of work into an ongong CYBERCITIZENSHIP unit for Yr 7-8 students. Just unpacking the concept was enormous. We're trialling this unit over the course of the year . (See the Unit Plan in the Coalface Leaders Wiki).

We've found student's sharing work encourages the spread skills and understanding across the school and we have regular assembly presentations. The student exec is using google docs to survey all students and teaching classes, and teaching senior management how to use Google Docs :)
(Aloma - Morrinsville Intermediate - April 2011)
School Ultranet : Established with classeses gradually becoming involved. Students using own blog space, social networking and portfolios to share and discuss work, opinions and ideas. (Aloma - Morrinsville Intermediate - June 2011)

Access has been a huge issue for us this year due to an ongoing infrastructure upgrade, but we're working around problems where possible (it will be great eventually :) Just shows how much we rely on instant access these days !
As part of ongoing Inquiry , we've been exploring Digital Citizenship concepts and developing information discernment (Media Literacy).
We got a lot from the critical thinking work at the Eric Frangenheim workshop, and this ties in so well with our developing classroom practice.

Students are demonstrating their understanding of concepts by creating more digital work eg. powerpoints are now commonly used by students to show their understanding (to an audience) for science and Inquiry in particular. Student's work is presented regularly at assemblies (eg. Virtues) so all staff can share ideas and student achievements - and inform our community about what their children are capable of :).
At present we're having to upload any work from home so have not been able to continue our development of wikis and blogs in term 1. So, without easy access to digital walls, - we'd like to share some of the student's science work below. Students were helping others understand the importance of various body parts using 4-8 slide powerpoint presentations (yes we've realised a little work is needed to reduce busy backgrounds LOL).
Judith -(Huntly - April 2011)