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|||| National Goal 2.
Principals to lead the integration of e-learning in their schools (strategic and operational).
Cluster goals
Success Indicators for National and Cluster Goals
· Principals will ensure that e-learning goals are included in all school documentation.
· Principals will ensure that teachers increase their professional knowledge, skills and use of e-learning through professional development programmes linked to the appraisal system.· Principals will ensure that the technology infra-structure is aligned with expected e-learning outcomes
  • Schools have e-learning goals that are included in all school documentation, including School Curriculums, Strategic plans and Operational plans.
· Schools appraisal systems include e-learning goals· Each school has evidence that e-learning is a key focus of Professional Development.· Through leadership, teachers and parents understand the changes in pedagogy needed to address the needs of 21st Century learners.· Each school has evidence that infrastructure is in place that supports and enhances the implementation of e-learning for all students.

Tahuna School - Rob - 2011
Nothing quite like taking the lead as a leader! I demonstrated the use of a wiki as a place to share learning intentions with children. Taking the maths daily in two classes I went digital with my maths tumble, learnt how to insert a table in the wiki and display the groups, the intentions and tasks children would be doing. I shared this method at a St Joseph's Morrinsville session and likewise at Kimihia. My other contribution was a sharing session at Orini Combined School on 1st Sept with a look at how we were developing e-portfolios through the use of wikis with the children. Each child has a "sandpit page" on the side links bar of the class wiki, and beside this is a link to their own wiki (private password) so only those who they wish to have access can be granted access.
I certainly think strategic plans for e-learning will need to be reviewed very frequently, and be as adaptive and changeable as what we see happening with the types of technologies that are emerging at such as rapid pace.

The invitation to family and whanau to attend the cyber-safety evening with Tessa Gray was not well attended. Sandie attended, and gained a number of ideas from Tessa. Sandie placed a link for parents in the school newsletter.
We have an open afternoon of student sharing scheduled (Term 4). Students are to share their learning with parents from the around the classroom space and the digital space. We intend to boost the interest in parents of the classrooms wikispaces and have the children lead the charge!!!

Evidence of Intrastructure supporting E-Learning Outcomes (Orini Example)
Below is an exert from a BOT presentation outlining the infrastructure development over the past 3 years. Supporting this was a brief explanation of how teachers increase their professional knowledge skills and the use of e-learning through on-going targeted PD programmes and individual goals linked to the appraisal system.

E- learning is a huge focus our professional development. In term 1 three teachers were released to attend the L@S conference and reported back on their learning to the staff, and BOT. Report link. Attendance at major PD conferences has had an extremely positive effect on staff enthusiasm for change, classroom practice and understanding of ideas.
(Term Overview)
As a Principal I report monthy to Board of Trustees (BOT) on ICT as a strategic operational goal.
Kimihia's school budget reflects ICT as a focus area, allowing for expenditure in hardware, software and infrastructure (release for Professional Development for teachers, PassionIT)
Learning Buddy Meetings-Teachers supporting teachers within the use of ICT as a whole, Teachers are released for these meetings.
Leadership allows training such as IWB workshops with ActiviBoard and Promethean Planet that have taken place during Term 2. These take time and it allows the whole staff to be up to date on in skills with the IWB's.
Sharing with Teams on a regular basis-
Lead teachers meet regularly with school leadership team to review actions, and to discuss barriers for implementation.
Before each Staff Meeting we have 'sandpit time' this is 10 minutes where staff can have time to ask for support, learn some new skills or upload onto their wiki's or blogs. Here are some examples Room 3 and Room 10
New teachers are provided with equipment and training in order for them to progress successfully as part of an ICT cluster team.
Report to parents?
Grants are applied for to support the purchase of ICT tools.
When developing new buildings, we have ensured that they are well equipped for use of technology for the future.
Plans to develop wireless connections in the hall for ICT tools to be used with class, team, school and community wide.

Kirsten - (Kimihia May 2011)