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Tahuna School Year 5 / 6
The concept of 'citizenship'. Follow the link to see our journey with once again ... a great big piece of cardboard!

The link above shows our change in the way we do school lunches on alternative Fridays. What used to be a BBQ sausage in bread organised by parents has now become valuable learning experiences for students. Planned and prepared largely by students with Sandie as facilitator. Sometimes requiring her to facilitate less, sometimes more!
Elements of inquiry.
Use of spreadsheets for catering.
Use of survey Monkey to gather student voice as to food preferences.
BIG on the KC's :)

The link above to "Discovery Day" is a way in which we are developing personalised learning.

Huntly Primary Year 4/6

As a part of our term 3 topic of "Huntly Heroes" we looked at many different famous figures who could be classed as heroes. In the processes the children researched many historical figures and using Frangehiem's Thinking Tools, created a list of virtues/characteristics that they believe made a person a hero. Along side this they also discovered that even a 'villain' can have these virtues, but it is the intent behind the action that determines their status as a hero.
The final part of the unit was getting the children to look within themselves and see the hero in them. This was a very reflective process for the children and opened them up to ideas about themselves that many had not considered, especially in this way.
We used a wiki to share our learning and teaching with each other and the children. Attached is the link so that you can see all their wonderful work. Included in the site is planning that we used and each classes work produced on their learning journey. Huntly Heroes!

Year 3 -4 - Sharon @ Whitikahu

I've begun using "Talking Tins" with my Year 3-4 students. They're simple voice recorders - super cheap and so easy to use. I use them for maths, writing and reading - anything that helps engage them in a task and focus on listening. My students love them, they have to listen carefully when i set tasks on them and can use them themselves to record their thinking, responses to texts, problem solving in maths, giving explanations etc The list is endless.
Below is a powerpoint the students made explaining how we used them in our Fractions work.

Year 3 - 8 Dee @ Orini 2011

During term 3, students selected an elective to participate in every Friday Afternoon for nearly an hour. Students were mixed in age according to their interest. I facilitated the 'Movie Making Elective'. There were 5 groups, each with 5 students (as we have 5 Vado flip videos within our school).
The was to script, prepare props, act and edit a message to prove that our school was the All Blacks biggest fans before the Rugby World Cup. Students brainstormed ideas initially, negotiating within the group as to what would be included or excluded before the scripting process could begin. Once final decisions were made, students wrote the final script for each scene; including camera angles and allocation of jobs so that everyone in the group had a turn in front and behind the camera. Props were constructed or brought along from home before filming could begin. Groups recorded sections of their script each week and then edited the final version using Vegas Movie Maker. Groups watched sections of each others movies throughout the process, providing feed back and feed forward so necessary changes could be made.

Donna interviewed 2 members of this group, reflecting on their learning process.

Year 5 & 6 Dee @ Orini 2011

We used 'Be Firewise, Fire Safety Education Resource for years 7 & 8' distributed by the NZ Fire Service. This was a fantastic resource which includes unit planning, curriculum links, interactive activities, media clips and resource sheets. To summarise our Firewise unit, students had to create a Firewise Character to help them promote Fire Safety. Next students planned a Photostory using the Paint programme, enabling them to process their learning by explaining the main points of fire safety to students in a junior class. The students were very engaged in this activity and met all assessment criteria. The task motivated them to assess their new learning about fire safety and be discerning about what is essential and appropriate for junior students to know. Students particularly enjoyed being able to be expressive and creative which linked into our oral language programme very well in the build up to speeches.


Kimihia School Year 3/4- Nicole J

Team 2 ICT
Learning intention: to let people find out more about you by creating a 5 slide power point about yourself.
Success criteria:
  • Create 5 slides showing; Name, family, friends, interests and dreams/ goals (pictures and words may be used.)
  • Use power point design tool to create a background.
  • Use animations to add interest to your power point.
  • Use pictures/photos from the internet to enhance your power point presentation
The motivation behind this: power point presentations are used increasingly in workplaces, universities and schools to present information to people. Being familiar with power point will be valuable for students in many facets of their lives.
Reflection: Some students were very computer savvy adding things to their power points that I was unaware of, they were then able to become experts, sharing this knowledge with their peers. All students were able to get to a stage of at least playing around with the different tools that power point has to offer and using the skills they had learnt earlier in the year to get pictures from the net.
Problems that arose: not being able to just cut and paste pictures, so having to save the picture then insert it, but this was a valuable lesson. Lots of students still need reminding to save their PPNT regularly and there were lots of cases, when we returned to the ICT suite, where work had not been saved and they had to start again.
Examples of work from: Calvin and Alex



Overall Concept and big idea on "Change".
Inquiry Unit Context : Cows and Milk.
Class are learning to make rubrics and assess with SOLO and also present using voice thread, power point and movie maker.
Class also has WIKI and Blog and Twitter.
Self Assessing using voice thread and determining fluency when reading speeches and reading texts to web cam.

Kimihia Year 5/6 Term 2 Concept Planning "Risk Taker" Rooms 8,9 & 10

As a whole school we plan the enduring understandings and essential questions and then the levels take the learning where it needs to go according to identified student needs.
Here is the planning

This work will continue over the course of term 2 but here are some examples of what has been discussed/achieved so far and some thoughts from
students/teachers about the work and photos of the learning that is going on.

Student Discussions:

Student Reflections about Risk takers

Classroom displays to show our ongoing work about risktaking

Teachers reflections:
  • Having one of the Kimihia Kid concepts as our focus area and then using the social sciences curriculum to help us plan the learning experiences has helped the concept of "Risk Taking" seem real to the students.
  • The children have enjoyed using ICT to enhance their learning, we have watched video of Shaun Quincey's journey, used video and word documents to record our ideas/thinking about risk taking, the children seem really enthusiastic and are making some powerful links between famous risk takers and themselves as risk takers.

Judith -(@ Huntly - April 2011)

Below is an example of students helping others understand the importance of various body parts using 4-8 slide powerpoint presentations (yes we've realised a little work is needed to reduce busy backgrounds LOL). Powerpoint is such an easy and effective way for students to share their understandings. We reflected on these as a class and students are keen to make appropriate changes and improve the quality of the message in their next attempts :)

Orini - As a whole staff we have started using Inspiration to brainstorm collaboratively before a unit eg. our Term 2 concept = Exploring and Experimenting with art medium. Each Teacher has chosen a different area from around the world to inquire about, building up to an Art Auction in Week 9. Further brainstorm around chosen topic specific to the classroom inquiry concept eg. Pacifica.,

Rubistar used to form assessment rubric: Photos of the 4 Art pieces produced for the art auction will be inserted and then student and teacher reflections made. This will then be uploaded to each students individual K-Net page as part of their e-portfolio.

The idea grew from a broken down dishwasher - believe it or not. The opportunities a box from a new dishwasher provided our kids over the summer holidays got our creative juices flowing. The concept of community came to fruition and because the previous year we had developed our shool vision statement as 'A community of growth and learning for all' we wanted to explore our students understanding of what a community was. At the time we were thinking a 3 week inquiry - the journey spanned the first term and we feel provided some powerful learning experiences - why? because they were authentic, or should we say 'fabricated' to be authentic.

Teacher Reflection
When it comes to inquiry learning - the challenge is to record the evidence. We tried really hard to keep up by using the ezi-speak and recording teacher reflections as things happened in the classroom. Excuse the ums and ers. Also, an example of student voice in its raw state.


Teacher Refections (Sandie Haddock)

Student Reflection on Learning

Orini - Dee
Donna showed us Blabberize in one of the afternoon breakouts during the TOD in the last holidays. This is a programme where you use a photo and take a cut out of the person/animal/whatever's mouth. You can then record a sound file to play as the mouth moves. Very user friendly software. For the first 2 weeks of the term we studied ANZAC day and the children summarised some of their findings by writing a letter to their family from the point of view of a nurse / soldier away at war in Gallipoli. They published these using the traditional paper soaked in tea leaves. Student's then recorded their letter on our new Easi-speak microphones (Yahoo - thanx BOT!). We then imported the sound file into Blabberize using a selection of Gallipoli photographs. These were then embedded on to the class K-net page and individual pages as part of their growing e-portfolio. The student's loved hearing themselves and thought the photo moving was hilarious!