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Cybercitizenship ? What survival skills do our students need to acquire and how do we help develop them ?

Cyberbullying Package American resource developed by the NCSA ...

Teacher Resources Lesson plans and students worksheets for a range of levels (USA).

Netsafe - The Grid Great resources and activities to support the development of student understanding around three essential areas.

- see Policies / Templates etc
NetSafe has developed a set of templates that schools may download and adapt to their own needs.

NetSafe has also produced a generic consent form for the publication of student work or information.

Think Before You Post

Great video to provoke discussion about practicing care when posting online images and information.

Cybersafety Kit


Fendalton School Digital Safety policy and user agreement


Useful Safety Sites

Netsafe Parents Area
Cyber Safety NZ Site
Hectors World button
Parenting Tips - wiki
Youtube videosFile?id=dhhbb9zb_9hqgmc7gs_b ||

Hectors World - Interactive learning for students about online safety ; puzzles, episodes, colouring sheets

Cyberkidz site - 7 safety points