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National Goal 4.
Family and whanau to actively participate in their child’s learning
Cluster goals
Success Indicators for National and Cluster Goals
  • Schools share, with family and whanau, student’s progress as well as achievement information.
  • Schools share, with family and whanau, changes in pedagogy and technology use that meets the needs of 21st Century learners.
  • Evidence that achievement information is shared with family and whanau on an ongoing basis, using a range of media.
  • Family and whanau have information on changes in pedagogy through accessing class wikispaces, blogs, and attending face to face and community meetings.
· Through leadership teachers and parents understand the changes in pedagogy needed to address the needs of 21st Century learners.

We are beginning to use wikis and blogs as another portal to inform our community. We realise that the learning intentions behind student’s work needs to be shared with parents, so they can more easily recognise the purpose of the student’s work and their degree of achievement. One teacher has trialled inviting families into an ICT session, to observe and share students working with ICTs. Parents began talking with each other about the processes the students were going through and discussed how they could continue this at home. These sharing sessions will be trialled with more classes in Terms 2 & 3. This, accompanied by family open days, Newsletters , which are also shared on wiki pages so families can access these at home Room 11 Wiki( with weekly explanations of a classroom’s learning ) and sharing at assemblies, helps inform parents about changes to pedagogy and often provokes questions about 21st Century learning.
Jo and Nicole (Kimihia May 2011)