editing disabled

A vision of a digital learner. A key part of the change process. I like the first slide message. We need to readily embracing new technologies and be prepared to change to engage learners. (Rob)

Have a look at this - now we all just need a few more hours in the day, or a few more "V" drinks to keep us awake. - absolutely huge potential (Sandie) I'd love to hear of anyone from the cluster who has attempted to use some of these in their classroom, maybe let's start a forum under the discussion tab.

Shift Happens - UK Version
SO WHY can't we just keep doing what we've been doing ??? Watch this and think about it.

Learning to Change/Changing to Learn Video - featuring comments from well known educationalists - globally.
Stephen Heppell's comment ... "...the death of education but the dawn of learning..."

Managing Change
Powerpoint used in Principals/Lead teachers workshop.