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National Goal 3.
Teachers to integrate e-learning effectively into their practice creating an innovative and exciting learning environment for all students
Cluster goals
Success Indicators for National and Cluster Goals
· Planning and practice demonstrates innovation and encourages high levels of motivation that excites and engages learners. It will make links within and across learning that is supported by I.C.T · Teachers are using assessment practices that encourage and enable students to reflect on their own learning processes. · Teachers use managed online learning environments (MLEs) to manage cohesive integration of e-learning opportunities.
· Teacher’s planning includes authentic, purposeful, coherent e-learning opportunities.
· Students are motivated and able to articulate their learning and reflect on their learning processes, outcomes and set next steps.
· Students are confidently using technologies relevant to their present and future lives. They collaborate and problem solve when exploring new software and tools.
· Teachers encourage and enable students to articulate their learning and reflect on their learning processes and outcomes.
· Teachers and students use Wikis, Blogs and other managed online learning environments (MLEs) to engender enthusiasm for collaborative learning. (See Goal 5).

Lorraine - Orini

I've been on a huge learning curve developing quality writing with my students and integrating ICT !
The quality writing we established in our junior school has been the result of much work with our "oral language".
We've developed rich resources to support this development eg. powerful adjective and verbs on velcro cards, large visual cues etc.
This quality scaffolding has resulted in a dramatic improvement inoutcomes for all our students, in particular I've noted improvements in
motivation, confidence and processes.Being able to upload student's work and present it instantly in a published format has added huge motivation to the students. They want to read and REREAD their work. This is regularly reinforcing the rich language development and consolidating all the learning without any fuss or effort. It is also adding to the home/school partnership as students can immediately share this learning at home. Because I'm aware of parents viewing this work I make a point of sharing the specific learning intentions behind the work. The feedback from parents confirms that this is effectively addressing a need. This is quality "sharing the learning at home". Below is an example of my first attempt at sharing the children's published writing in book form in Scribd - I embed these in our class Knowledgenet pages.

Jenny - Morrinsville Intermediate

I teach science lab. Recently we've been doing physics - we've started off looking at 6 simple machines using a website called EDHEADS. The kids love the cartoon animation format and identify the machines - it''s like an interactive quiz. It also has an explanation.
We also use a virtual surgery interactive site (also EdHEADS.) We've also used Youtube clips often to explain aspects of flight eg. Wingsuit flying and parachute displays to provoke observation and discussion. We've used google for research and used websites with kidspeak - explaining complicated scientific ideas in an easy to understand format. Having this access has added so much to my practice - allowing instant access to sources and visual representations which add so much to students understanding.


We have four new staff members this year which creates challenges around bringing everyone up to speed despite that, we’re lucky to have an enthusiastic and motivated staff who are willing to undertake as much professional development as necessary. As said previously, we’re noticing teachers are selecting and sharing more digital technologies with colleagues. The big shift for us has been developing our knowledge of what’s available and using these to create more interactive learning opportunities with and for students ie.. supporting students to create content, rather than just accessing sites. (Enviro Posters-these link in with our concept for Term 2)
Students are encouraged to use video to record themselves and reflect back on the content with a buddy (Nicole – Languages example ).Each class has their own wiki and or blog. We see how useful these can be to support home/school partnerships and had acknowledged this schoolwide development as a huge focus. We'll be spending as much time as possible working with lead teachers and Donna on this in the next two terms.
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