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Here are some links to sites we can use to publish work online – in embedded players.

Written work and Powerpoint -Scribd
Uploads Word & Powerpoint files quickly (a minute). Will allow you to display work as a book, or slide show, or scroll down. Great for showing written work & images as books.
Examples : http://rm3stjoes10.wikispaces.com/Plant+Inquiry

Photos - http://www.slide.com
Uploads photos & jpgs & gifs to make a moving photo board. Gorrrgeous frames and backgrounds to choose from.
Can slow length of time photos appear and add sound etc
Examples : http://room6stjoes10.wikispaces.com/Art+Gallery

Slideshows -http://www.slideshare.net
Uploads MS Powerpoint so the slideshow plays straight away in online sites. Quick upload if not too many pages. Only drawback is it doesn't keep any animations or sound.

Words and Ideas - http://www.wallwisher.com/ or http://prezi.com
Wallwisher - Write sticky notes (great for brainstorming ideas, giving feedback, sharing ideas etc). Big wall and each person double clicks to add sticky note.

Prezi - Write ideas or upload images straight into site page -then choose path to zoom to next piece of text etc. Bit painful, but has some useful applications.

Make Text Signs -