Learning at School Conference - Impact


"Learning at School Conference" SURVEY. Only 9 quick questions (Yes there's some multiple choice :) .
Just click on the LINK Coalface L@S SURVEY and click on "Done" when you've completed it.

We've had lots of staffroom discussion about the immediate and long term effects of attendance at this years L@S conference ... here's a few of the survey responses explaining impact on their practice - from the teacher's point of view.

As a result of exposure to new learning and ideas .... what are some of our immediate goals ? :)

What Are Our Immediate Goals With ICT

Keynote : Dr Stuart Middleton

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Remember this .... Dr Middleton's presentation seemed to strike cords with many of us - provoking further discussion.
In his keynote he outlined what is known about disengagement and the reasons for this phenomenon (which sadly characterises western education systems). He also outlined potential responses to it and discussed the extent to which all levels of the education system have a role to play in re-positioning the education system in a changing world -with new purposes and different roles for educators.
Worth another look - so here it is !